Essay about Euthanasi It 's A Choice

Essay about Euthanasi It 's A Choice

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Euthanasia: It’s a Choice
Euthanasia, in Alex’s argument, is connected to being against human nature, dying without dignity, and creating disrespectfulness to oneself. I will reconstruct an argument for the conclusion to prove it is not a sound argument by countering the two main arguments: euthanasia goes against human nature and does not allow a dignified death, by explaining how decisions and the ability to make them invalidate these arguments.
In this paper, certain concessions have to be made such as, euthanasia is a practice where someone dies. It is not murder, because the recipient of the treatment elects to have it done. Involuntary euthanasia is something else entirely, and will be not covered in this paper. Another concession is that humans have free will. The argument against free will and metaphysics will not be covered in this paper.
Passive and active euthanasia are held to the same standards, whether it is letting someone die or facilitating the process of death. A person will still be dead after the treatment. Whether the cause of it is the withdrawal of treatment, or the implementation of new treatment, life stops. The actions and the preemptive measures to consider the gravity of that are what matter. Euthanasia is a serious decision and should not be made hastily. It is primarily for those in life-altering pain or illness that affects their wellbeing. It is an enormous decision, just as life is an enormous gift. We only receive and give it back once, and that choice should be made with the utmost care.
Alex’s argument is summarized into the two following arguments. Euthanasia goes against human nature. Going against human nature lowers the value of human life. The aforementioned premises are followed b...

... middle of paper ...

...e effects of disease or old age. Euthanasia is life or death. The fear of the unknown or what happens afterwards is replaced by the agony of living. If life is too painful and the quality of life is extremely low, humans are left with no choice but to make a choice.
Both types of euthanasia contribute to the choice that all people have a right to. It also ends the suffering of someone that has a malady or a chronic condition. People exercising the right to choose or not choose their life’s end date are doing so, because they lay claim to their life. They have free will, regardless of their religious beliefs. Because they have free will, people can choose to make that verdict however they wish. Human nature, or actions and characteristics that are human, entails making decisions, whether they are wrong or right. Euthanasia does not save lives; it gives them relief.

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