Essay about Euthanasi A Person On Life Support

Essay about Euthanasi A Person On Life Support

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A person on life support is a hanging by a thread. Euthanasia is an option. Euthanasia is an assisted suicide. Its a huge controversial topic weather it right or not. Euthanasia is ending someone 's life to relieve a certain amount of pain. I wanted Euthanasia as topic because I wanted to learn the history of a topic that has a huge amount of impact on people. Euthanasia is an important topic because it 's a way to take away a person 's life away.

Euthanasia or doctor assisted suicide is to end a person 's life who is going through major amount of pain. For example a person with cancer that wants to end their life due to amount of pain. Euthanasia has many different practices . There is seven types of Euthanasia practices. Active,Passive,Voluntary, involuntary, self-administered are some to name a few. Each practice is completely a different forms of euthanasia.

Active euthanasia is a injecting a drug like lethal into a person. This way is also called aggressive euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is purposely letting a patient die by taking away artificial life for example using a feeding tube. The University of Missouri 's website in a section called euthanasia says that some ethicists are distinguish between having life support and taking life support. Meaning the patient is on life support but is then taken off. Voluntary euthanasia is with permission or consent of a patient and involuntary is without consent. Self-Administered is the patient wants the death to happen when other-administered is another person allows the death. Lastly assisted is the patient wants the euthanasia with an help of a doctor o...

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...opic will continue to spark controversy between both sides,for or against.

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