The European Union and Persona Data Protection Essay

The European Union and Persona Data Protection Essay

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Nowadays, more people give away their personal information on social networks without realizing the potential threats. Under EU law, personal data is defined as ‘any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.’ While under Article 8 ECHR, there is a fundamental right for the privacy of your life. The Directive 95/46/EC sets a landmark in the history of data protection within the EU. In January 2012 the Commission drafted a proposal for new rules regarding data protection in order to replace the Data Protection Directive. While Directive 95/46/EC will be replaced by the new regulation on data protection, a new directive will replace the ‘Framework Decision’. The proposed Directive on data protection, aims to harmonize the current data protection law in all Member States. Also, one of the Data Protection Regulation goals is to give people more control over their data and make sure that their information is being protected. The Commission proposed a regulation instead of a directive because a regulation is applicable to all Member States without the need for individual, national implementation. This essay is structured as followed. The first part of the essay provides explores the background of data protection, to give a better understanding of the subject. The second part will focus on the justification of the reformation of Directive 95/46/EC. The third part of the essay explains the proposed regulation from the Commission and the response of the European Parliament. The final part will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed regulation and will focus on the differences of the new ‘Directive’ with the ‘Framework Decision.’

Background of Data Protection

Under Article 8 of the ECHR, ev...

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