European Origins of American Conservative and Liberal Ideologies Essay

European Origins of American Conservative and Liberal Ideologies Essay

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This analysis begins by answering the first question that may come to mind when discussing modern American political ideologies and how they evolved from European origins; What American political ideologies have European origins? Liberalism was the first (modern) ideology to emerge from Europe (England) as a result of a short but ultimately successful challenge to royal authority which changed its focus of attention from the question of the duties owed to kings and eventually led to the development of the original concept of liberalism. As kings became more and more powerful, the questions of political philosophy shifted to what obligations people in general bore to them. These questions were brought to a head in the English Civil War of (1647–1649), in which a diverse group of opponents to the king succeeded in deposing him and set up a republic that lasted for a bit over a decade. Although this effort was seemingly short-lived it, it was the catalyst that ultimately gave validation to the liberal ideology.
By simply questioning royal authority in the mid 1600’s, the stage was set for the development of liberalism and of the other modern ideologies responding to liberalism; But while these ideologies have dominated political discourse in this century, they do not represent the same kind of final stage of philosophical development that they did centuries ago. During the seventeenth-century the social challenges were, as expected, somewhat different than what we are faced with today. Seventeenth-century London did have what could be called a primitive infrastructure system. There were sewers but they were only designed for surface water. Excrement was emptied in the garden our outside. There was a system for trash removal but there...

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