Essay about European Launch Proposal

Essay about European Launch Proposal

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Updated: 23 July 2010

The following plan outlines the suggested activity for the launch of Energizer’s new Energi to Go power pack line of products in Europe.
Energizer will formally introduce the products within the Energi To Go power pack line to key technology and consumer media in August. This falls within the summer holidays and is a quiet time for journalists as many are away. In addition to which, a number of the European publications shutdown for the month or operate with a skeletal staff. There are also the long lead times for the monthly titles, usually 4-6 weeks, which needs to be taken into consideration and many of the publications are preparing for their Christmas editions now.
Taking the above factors into consideration we would suggest splitting the top 5 target countries into two tiers and take a phased approach to media outreach.
We have therefore split the top five recommended target countries into two tiers:
– Tier 1: UK, Germany and France
– Tier 2: Spain and Italy
We recommend the launch take the format of a series of programmed media activity throughout the months of August and September with the majority of the activity weighted to the tier one countries in August and extended to the tier 2 countries in September. This approach will maximise coverage and awareness and build up a level of momentum.
We would also suggest Energizer consider attending the IFA 2010 show in Berlin, this is the most important consumer electronics show in the country and will provide a high-touch opportunity to highlight and drive coverage and awareness for the new product range.
Taking this approach Energerizer will be able to:
– drive awareness of the new Energi ...

... middle of paper ...

...uding product backgrounders, presentation materials and photography etc. are provided by Energizer
Country Activity Cost Deliverables
UK Media outreach
Country co-ordination
Materials localisation £10,000 $15,320.00

5-7 briefings
10-15 pieces of coverage
Germany Media outreach
Materials localisation
Event support £15,000 $22,980.00
5-7 briefings
10-15 pieces of coverage
France Media outreach
Materials localisation £3,500 $5,362.00
2-4 briefings
6-8 pieces of coverage
Spain Media outreach
Materials localisation £3,500 $5,362.00
2-4 briefings
6-8 pieces of coverage
Italy Media outreach
Materials localisation £3,500 $5,362.00
2-4 briefings
6-8 pieces of coverage
Expenses calculated at 10% $5,9438.60
Total £35,500 $59,824.60 Total briefings = 26
Total articles = 54
USD > GBP = 1.532 = July 2010 WS exchange rate
# # #

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