Europe : Revenge, Humiliation And Preparation Essay example

Europe : Revenge, Humiliation And Preparation Essay example

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1940 Europe: Revenge, Humiliation and Preparation
“By the summer of 1940, it may truly be said: The Germans gloried in their revenge, the French wept in their humiliation, and the British gathered their courage…”

Battle of France
Although the French had spent a fortune to build-up their defenses, the French leadership made many errors that ultimately led to their humiliating defeat. The French were quite negligent, starting with their timid reaction to Germany 's attack on Poland. In the end, French committed many blunders which contributed to their quick defeat.
Certainly, the French leadership put too much faith into their defense system, that they considered infallible. The Germans dynamically scoffed at the Maginot Line by avoiding it completely and taking the unexpected route through the Ardennes.
As the Germans moved their massive forces through the narrow passages of the Ardennes, the French had opportunities to attack the Germans by air, which was somehow another missed opportunity!

The Germans put on a how to conquer clinic by bolting through France with speed, ease and sheer ferocity, gunning down anyone who would dare flee in fear. Everyone was shocked, France fell much more quickly than anyone expected, and it happened in a mere four days. The Germans achieved easy victories and swept their way from the north to the south of France and into Paris by June 14, 1940.

Although the Germans encountered pockets of valiant defenders along the way, by the time they entered Paris, the French defenses were surprisingly completely lacking. With Frances best forces all in the north, only the inexperienced weaker forces remained and many of those simply abandon their posts rather than fight the courageous, and highly enthusias...

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... As it turned out, those planes were desperately needed. The Battle of Britain was uniquely fought almost solely in the Air, and the few planes that Britain had against the larger Luftwaffe served Britain well.

Another effective countermeasure was use of new technologies such as radar stations. The radar proved to be very effective and provided a great advantage to locate and effectively map the coordinates and trajectories of incoming German bombers and fighter planes.

Another component of the hard work and planning that saved Britain was the efforts of Commander in Chief: Hugh Dowdings. It was Dowdings research and development that was instrumental in defending the German attack. Perhaps, Dowdings actions kept a German ground invasion from happening. Since, Dowdings lobbied hard for the development of radar defenses and production of the Spitfire and Hurricane.

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