Essay about Europe On The Drinking Age

Essay about Europe On The Drinking Age

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Lopez, German. "Europe Has Lower Drinking Ages than the US - and Worse Teen Drinking Problems." 2016. Web. 14 Nov. 2016.

A huge part of my essay runs off the general idea of Europe being a very successful country because their drinking age is lower than ours. Also, that the U.S. alcohol involved death rate is a lot higher than most of Europe’s because we have a higher drinking age. This source, being a lot different form the others talks mainly of how Europe is not doing as good as we think they are when it comes to alcohol. Even though they do prove to have a safer drinking culture in Europe, binge drinkers between the ages of 15 and 19 continue to spike every day. Liver cirrhosis deaths also seem to be widely known in the European states as over here we have less of a rate.
Author German Lopez writes on Vox with thousands of other authors. His specialty usually involves race, the criminal justice system, drug policy, gun policy, and LGBTQ issues. With no specific degrees in anything, I can’t say that he has a great authority on his background to be writing on this issue but he does provide a great point in his text. He also has a large amount of statistics shown on the web page involving spikes in the cirrhosis deaths and adolescent binge drinkers. I trust what German must say in his text and hope that he doesn’t just have some special grudge against Europeans or anything.
In my essay, I plan to refer to what Roman must say about European traditions changing around a little bit as this would support the people who don’t think the drinking age should be lowered. Just to get the full idea out in my essay, I want to provide the readers with all the possible informat...

... middle of paper ...

...e in making my decision. Although economic education doesn’t have much to do with the topic I’m researching, I do believe that with amount of texts tucker established, I can be overconfident in his work.
This source is helpful because it provides a valuable description to the prohibition days and relates it directly to what we are doing with young adults to this day. He also makes great connections in why he down-right thinks that the drinking age should, in fact, be lowered. This also helps me generate new ideas to place in addition to my essay. In my essay, I’m thinking I will discuss partly on the prohibition as it helps support one side of the argument. This text is genius and made too much sense I wasn’t sure what to think. All though this guy has great knowledge of why the drinking age should be lowered, it would probably never happen, especially in California.

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