Europe Endless Is An Oil On Canvas Painting By Nick Potter Essay

Europe Endless Is An Oil On Canvas Painting By Nick Potter Essay

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Europe Endless is an oil on canvas painting by artist Nick Potter (5.5ft x 7ft) created in 2016. It is painted from a perspective that outlooks a moonlit lake from the inside of an isolated, contemporary styled sitting room with a large, ceiling to floor window. Across the lake, a mysterious structure looks to be on fire. Another painting by Nick Potter in 2016, Orientalism (4ft x 6ft), is an oil on panel painting that features purely architectural imagery, rather than the lake that is painted along with the interior of a building in Europe Endless. Within the painting, an old time, Asian architectural design stands between two adjacent modernistic buildings. The two buildings seem to tower over the smaller one, which looks to be either sinking or emerging from the ground.
Europe Endless can be described as being painted in a naturalistic style that evokes a sense of surrealism. More specifically, Potter utilized traditional methods while also creating an image that simulates the ideal paradise and blend of architecture and nature. The image is so perfect that it could be called heavenly or surreal. The artist composes this effect through his use of lighting, unity, and balance of elements. In particular, the lighting that filters through the window cast the focus onto the furniture; which is balanced evenly on both sides of the table, although, it cannot be called symmetrical. Then, it can be seen that the furniture is parallel with the horizon line. This creates an impression of unity within the piece. Also along the horizon line, atmospheric perspective is used in conjunction with the converging of the closest tree line and the farthest land mass to create the illusion of depth. Symbolically, this scenic, architectural perfec...

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...through architectural symbolism. The symbols in both paintings are also emphasized through his use of light and contrasting colors. In Orientalism, the incandescent and vibrant Asian architecture jumps out from the painting despite the buildings that tower over it. Comparatively, Potter captures a serene feeling that seems to resemble a dream when viewing the room bathed in blue tinted moonlight. Then, these feelings are conflicted with the striking contrast of red from the fire which creates an instinctive feeling of uneasiness and concern.
Collectively, in both Europe Endless and Orientalism, Nick Potter’s expression of symbolism is done through the use of architecture and various formal elements. However, the messages of the two paintings are conveyed through different styles. These differences are mainly the perspective, method of painting used, and the imagery

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