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Europe During World War II Essay example

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Europe needed financial help due to damage to many roads, bridges and buildings during the war. Germany had taken control over a lot of Europe during World War II. Many in the west returned to the same governments and borders they had before to the war. In 1948, the currency reform had given money to them by the Marshall Plan saved West Germany.. Germany was split into districts in Eastern and Western Germany. The Eastern part was controlled by the Soviets. The Soviets also taken control over many of the countries in Europe where they had fought the Germans like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia.
The US believed their support would help bring change in Europe. The support included economic and military assistance. The Marshall plan of 1948 gave aid to European states after World War Two. The end of World War II left most European countries in a frenzy. The US sent billions of dollars to give to help the recovery of the European countries. The Marshall Plan helped Europeans by giving them agricultural and industrial goods from the US. The soviets didn’t accept American money and continued to let communism fuel their economy. Nations under the Marshall Plan had an economic growth of between fifteen and twenty percent. Industrials systems and agricultural production renewed pretty quickly. The increase in agricultural and industrials production helped push communist groups out of power and helped keep communism out east. The Truman doctrine stated that the US will give support against anti-communism. Under the Truman Doctrine, non-communist nations were strengthened and kept from falling under Communist domination. The US gave aid to Greece and Turkey to hold off communist in Europe. Greece and Turkey ...

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...rnments. The Soviet Union had control behind the iron curtain through troops and police. Trade agreements that favored the Soviets gave them access to valuable resources.
After a while, populations in states increased. Urban areas became more populated and immigrants frequently coming in contributed to the rise in population. Income on households also were on the rise. Families were able to have more money for luxury spending. The people who were already wealthy were able to become wealthier. As welfare states began to be built, access to healthcare and education was made more available to those in the lower and middle class. The western states were more agricultural than eastern states and the system was more supply and demand. The eastern states had trouble feeding there people but their agricultural system began to rebound. The lower class got more into politics.

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