Essay about Europa, Europa By Agnieszka Holland

Essay about Europa, Europa By Agnieszka Holland

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The 1990 film Europa, Europa, directed by Agnieszka Holland, is an incredible story about a Jewish boy named Solomon Perel who adventures through Europe during the time period of World War II. Europa, Europa takes the viewer on a journey of survival, as Solomon must hide his true identity time and time again throughout the movie, in order to ensure his survival from the Nazi’s. Solomon is faced with internal struggles, he first hides his Jewish identity in order to survive, then as his life continues, he struggles with new ideals that conflict with the ideals he was brought up with. For Solomon, his racial identity is his curse, as he wishes he could change who he is, but cannot due to his heritage. The film Europa, Europa embodies the struggles that Jewish people have had to endure throughout World War II in order to survive by disregarding their past lives and beliefs, re-inventing themselves with new identities, and assimilating into different societies by embodying the norms of a particular society, all while keeping their Jewish heritage astray.
In the beginning of Europa, Europa, Solly is presented as happily Jewish with a family who he loves and cares deeply for but live in Germany at the time the
Nazi regime first came into power. Solly is at first openly Jewish, as the film shows in the beginning, as he is 13 and prepares for his bar mitzvah, which will take place the very next day. During this scene his life is forever changed, as Nazi’s invade his home. After this, Solly and his family make the decision to leave Germany for Poland for safety, marking the first struggle that Jewish people have had to endure which is leaving their past behind in order to ensure the survival of the family. After Solly and his family m...

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...ilate, the troops do not believe him stating that he does not look like a Jew, but is able to convince the troops after being reunited with his brother who was in a concentration camp.
Solly’s journey in Europa, Europa embodies the struggle to survive as a Jew during the time of World War II by disregarding his previous beliefs, re-inventing a new identity for himself, and assimilating into different societies, all while going through an internal struggle of his Jewish identity. Although, he rejects his Jewish beliefs, he does so in order to survive. Even though at times it seemed as though Solly completely abandoned his Jewish heritage, he was able to hang on to his Jewish beliefs. Solly was able to go back to his original identity after re-inventing himself multiple times because he held onto who he was, and did not completely give in to his survival instincts.

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