The Eulogy That President John F. Kennedy Essay

The Eulogy That President John F. Kennedy Essay

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In the eulogy that President John F. Kennedy gave for the lately departed poet, Robert Frost, only three out of the four common elements that Kunkel and Dennis found in eulogies can be found in this specific eulogy. The elements I found in this eulogy are positive reappraisal, praise, and problem-focused coping while self-disclosure of emotion, credibility, affirmation of vivid past relationships, and continuation of interactive bonds could not be found. John Kennedy imminently starts off with a positive reappraisal: “Robert Frost was one of the granite figures of our time in America. He was supremely two things—an artist and an American,” (lines 3-4). Kennedy is telling the thousands listening that Robert Frost not only had a good life but he had a great life and was supreme at the two things he worked his hardest to be. Robert was “a man whose contribution was no-t to [the country’s] size, but to [its] spirit,” to its “insight,” and to its “self-comprehension” (line 8-10). Kennedy is telling the audience that in Frost’s great life he accomplished a lot for this country. Kennedy giv...

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