Essay on The Eucharist Is A Important Part Of Christianity

Essay on The Eucharist Is A Important Part Of Christianity

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The Eucharist is a very important part of Christianity, as it represents the blessed body and blood of Christ as given to the disciples during the last supper. To me and many Christians, the Eucharist is a symbolic reminder of God’s love for us and sending his only son to guide us on our own spiritual journey to find Him. It also serves as a reminder that Christ suffered and died for our sins, as represented in the symbolic consumption of his body and blood. I attended St. John’s Abbey, a Catholic church located in the middle of Creighton’s campus, and a Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, Colorado called Trinity Lutheran Church and observed the differences in the service and the participation in the Holy Eucharist. Overall, the services were very similar as they are both part of the Christianity tradition but still had fundamental differences in how the sermons were given and how the audience partook in the Eucharist.
Trinity Lutheran is the church I attended almost every Sunday for my whole life growing up. I was raised Lutheran because that is what my grandparents and father are. My mother was raised Catholic, so I am familiar with both of these sects of Christianity. The church itself has many other structures inside of it. For instance, there is a daycare area right outside the entrance of the church to put young children that would disrupt the service. Two church volunteers watch over the children for the duration of the service. There is also a basketball court and a large entertainment area that is always set up with food, drinks, and appetizers. This is where the people congregate to socialize before and after every service. The pastor and his wife usually partake in these social exchanges and are there to give spiritual gu...

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... sign of the cross before receiving communion, the priest says “The Body of Christ”, and then the worshipers respond with Amen and do the sign of the cross. The priest then put the unconsumed communion back in the tabernacle. The church community rises and participates in a prayer recited by the priest. The service ends with the concluding rite which consists of the priest dismissing the people and everyone responding with “Thanks be to God”.
Personally, I prefer the Lutheran practice because the Lutherans try to keep their audience more involved in their services. With the combination of many different types of music and a choir, it is easier to enjoy the service. I was raised Lutheran so my opinion is definitely biased, as I feel out of place in a Catholic service because I do not know the prayers or practices as well as the prayers recited in the Lutheran church.

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