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The Eu Wide Quota System Essay examples

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For the European Union to address the refugee crisis, the best current policy option is to maintain the status quo and not enact any EU-wide policy. The problem is a terrible one, as nearly 12 million Syrians have been forced from their homes by the crisis, and half are children. However, the best policy option for the EU should primarily focus on its long-term stability. The best way to preserve a unified EU is to do nothing. While enacting an EU-wide quota system has its merits and would save many lives, many member nations would not agree to the system. Additionally, while increasing border protection would preserve the territorial integrity of EU countries, it would further divide the EU without saving any lives in the process. Because Eastern and Western Europe are so divided on what to do, implementing one EU-wide policy would only harm the long-term prospects of a unified EU. Thus, the status quo must be maintained until a better option emerges.

The conflict in Syria has triggered the world 's largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Many people are fleeing conflict and poverty and hope to use the Balkan country as a gateway to a more prosperous life elsewhere in Europe. However, the EU is very divided on different overarching policy issues to address the crisis. Each European leader answers to his or her own electorate, which sometimes makes broad E.U. deals very difficult. Facing a backlash from voters not used to much immigration from other continents, politicians in Central Europe and the Baltics are arguing that a growing stream of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans is Western Europe’s problem—and that large numbers of non-European, non-Christian people don’t belong in their countries. Th...

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...e. Enacting a quota system would save the most total lives, but would likely be blocked by Eastern European countries that would refuse to help. It meets the second criterion, but fails to meet the primary one. The second option still allows for countries to independently save lives of refugees without forcing other countries to do so. This option meets both criteria, so the status quo should be maintained until a better option is available. Electing the third option preserves the EU’s territorial integrity, it would further strain the East-West relationship and would fail to save any lives. This policy option may be implemented by individual countries, but fails to meet either criteria and should not be chosen. Continuing the status quo does the best job of preserving a unified EU while saving some lives in the process. The second policy option should be chosen.

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