The EU Hegemon: Free Market, Financial Assistance and Security, Why Everyone Wants In.

The EU Hegemon: Free Market, Financial Assistance and Security, Why Everyone Wants In.

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The appetite with which many countries strive to join the EU can be explained through the way it is perceived. As a near hegemonic entity with the enticing prospects of an open internal market, financial assistance and security render the EU membership highly coveted.
The EU is not a singe dynamic actor but with unity being a constant goal, it is not far fetched to consider it hegemonic. Powerful on the market and internationally. What renders this hegemonic power enticing is that unlike a single hegemonic state, which is not wholly inaccessible, the EU is; a member state is included under this shield. Not a system without kinks, it is constantly evolving.
The bringing in of a full-time president of the European council establishes a clear figurehead. This centralizes the visible power of the EU into a better singularity. Jean Claude Piris, in his book on a Two-Speed Europe, believes this will eventually bring a single voice to represent the EU to the world. (Piris, 2012, p. 48)
George Pagoulatos, in his essay, “Europe Othered, Europe Enlisted, Europe Possessed: Greek Public Intellectuals and the European Union,” and Rene Schwok, in her work, "Switzerland: The European Union's Self-Appointed Pariah,” both acknowledge the EU as a hegemonic entity. “The EU is often characterized as hegemonic” (Schwok,1991, p. 24). These two authors view the EU from different perspectives and different timeframes, yet come to relatively similar conclusions. The open market, financial and security opportunities are the strongest incentives to join this hegemonic institution.
The free internal market is despite a few setbacks for weaker new members, a fantastic opportunity. Julio Cruz takes note of the Legislation on Services of General Economic I...

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