Eu Commission Of The European Union Essay

Eu Commission Of The European Union Essay

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The European Commission
One of the original European institutions is the Commission. Though it was one of the originals, the institution has tremendously changed from what it used to be when the European integration first began. The Commission is a supranational body responsible for legislation proposals and policy implementation. It continues to work toward a more democratic European Union every day with the new legislations and laws that it passes. In this paper I will establish why I believe the EU Commission to be a supranational body, it’s relevance to the European Union and some of the strengths and weaknesses of the institution for the citizens of the European Union.
The European Commission is a supranational legislative body of the European Union. There are 28 members for each state and one is chosen as the president. In this type of a political union powers are negotiated and delegated by the government of the member states. Firstly, the president is proposed to the European Parliament by the Council depend...

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