Etiquette Behaviors Of Cell Phone Etiquette Essays

Etiquette Behaviors Of Cell Phone Etiquette Essays

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Almost everyone you know has a cell phone now a days and it has become more apparent that cell phone etiquette is being ignored by most everyone using a phone. Most people can’t go without their phones for even a day and are on them 24/7. Even at work people are on their phones and have neglected cell phone etiquette. Etiquette behaviors for cell phones are important to know so you don’t end up in an unpleasant situation.
These are some etiquette rules that are important that everyone should be more aware of. The first one is having a conversation on your phone at the dinner table. Whether you are out to dinner or at home having dinner with your boyfriend, friends, or family it’s very rude to take a phone call at the dinner table. The alternative to this could be either don’t bring your phone to the dinner table or excuse yourself to take the call. The second one is texting or browsing your phone while in class. It is very distracting when someone is on their phone in class. If you need to use it for an emergency that’s fine but you should be attentive to the teacher and what they’re teaching especially if you’re paying for the class! Third is using profanity when on the phone and others can hear your conversation. If you’re going to use profanity you should do so when no one else is around because it’s very awkward and distracting when someone is on the phone yelling cuss words at someone else. It’s also not appropriate if children are around and can hear what your saying.
Another etiquette rule is when using your phone in a movie theater. It is very rude and distracting when someone’s phone rings or lights up in front of you during a movie. When you’re paying to see a movie you don’t want it to be interrupted by...

... middle of paper ...

...dn’t be on your phone while working. The fourth thing is when someone’s phone goes off during a speech at an event. When someone’s phone is ringing during a speech it is very rude and distracting to everyone in the room. Finally, when people are looking down at their phones and not paying attention to their surroundings. If you’re texting and looking down at your phone you will ever know what is in front of you. Especially when it’s dark out and you’re going somewhere it’s best to put down the phone and watch your surroundings.
Overall everyone can always use some work on their cell phone etiquette. These rules are important to know so you can be more aware of how your using your cell phone and also see how others are using theirs. All of these behaviors are excellent rules of thumb if you ever have to question whether or not it’s appropriate phone etiquette.

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