Ethos, Pathos and Nuclear Energy Essay

Ethos, Pathos and Nuclear Energy Essay

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Ethos, Pathos and Nuclear Energy
Something always curious and provoking happens in science writing. Gwyneth Cravens is an author of five novels and many publications, and one who studies a topic in great detail. She creates an enormous work about nuclear energy for the last decade. Cravens’s research in her last published book titled Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy has led her to do an about-face on the issue. In her article “Better Energy” which was published in May 2008 in Discover magazine, she disputes and claims that nuclear energy is currently best alternative and should be considered as our future energy source. At the beginning “Better Energy” she commences by introducing James Lovelock, who was greatly honored in the green movement for creating the Gaia hypothesis, which combines everything on earth as entirely organic. In the past Lovelock opposed nuclear energy. Unfortunately, to his fans, he changed his views beginning to support nuclear energy. Throughout the article Cravens goes with the explanation how the use of nuclear energy will be able to soft issue about global warming. Current fossil fuel power plants cause serious health problems in thousands of Americans, furthermore, continue to drive the warming. She tries to prove to the audience that currently there is no possibility that U.S. nation can use any of renewable energy sources such as the wind and sun (in which she looks to find common with public views about this case), and that nuclear energy is safe, and this is the best option to get the necessary amount of needed energy.
To support her thesis she strongly focuses on creating her ethos or her credibility as a writer. Through her impressive use of ethos, she gives the trustwort...

... middle of paper ...

...o persuade her audience through her strong assumptions and facts of evidence from her researched work.
Although, Cravens may have some weaknesses in her argument by not giving the substantial information about her opponent’s stance. Maybe this could be considered as clever point because otherwise it may completely undercut her argument to attract her position from audience about nuclear power. She tries to prove to the audience that currently there is no possibility that United States nation can use any of renewable energy sources such as the wind and sun, and that nuclear energy is only one safe, and this is the best option to get the necessary amount of needed energy.
Well, let’s hope the tide will eventually change and robably it is time to look for realistic alternatives.
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