Ethnoscapes Abound Today 's Society Essay example

Ethnoscapes Abound Today 's Society Essay example

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Ethnoscapes abound in today’s society. The concept of ethnoscapes can be represented by ethnic presence, difference and change. These aspects are present in today’s urban areas. This essay will evaluate the concept of ethnoscapes based on ethnic presence, difference and change in urban areas. It will then go on to analyse the meaning of the ‘on the ground’ theory and how ethnoscapes relate to other conceptual approaches such as segregation, multicultural city and ethnic economies. The final part of the essay will link together ethnic presence, difference and change with segregation, multicultural city and ethnic economies by using examples from tutorial 5 based on the knowledge of grounded theory.

Ethnoscapes are spaces that are spatially bounded due to ethnicity and race. It is also a built environment or the design of buildings such as social and religious buildings can indicate a particular ethnic group. This then becomes important of their ethnic identities. Li & Skop (2009) asserts that the influence of cultural and social institutions, residents of a certain group create their own ‘social world’ that fulfils their desires to remake what is known to them as ‘home’. The life of ethnic communities involves the associations of shared history, interests and language brings people together. The concept of ethnoscapes can be seen through ethnic presence, difference and change in urban areas. Ethnic presence is when there is one or more ethnic groups within a particular area. For example, ethnic presence on Sandringham Road is illustrated the fact that there are a lot of Asian population present there today. Sandringham Road is predominantly Indian and is known as “Little India” due to the increase of Indian population and gentrif...

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... employs people of the same ethnicity (in this case are Indian) and they serve their Indian community on Sandringham Road. However, non-enclave economy refers to business owners who employ people of the same ethnic group to serve cultural goods and services to the general population. There are a lot of non-enclave ethnic economies which has been commercialised for the white population. For instance, one of the ‘on the ground’ experience about ‘Kebab and Burger’ in Meadowbank. Kebab and Burger serves authentic Turkish food, but their primary product that they sell are kebabs and burgers. The reason why it has been branded as ‘Turkish’ because they are first generation of Kurdish immigrants (North Syria near Turkey). Turkey and Turkish food is more familiar and comfortable to the white dominant population Therefore, it has been commercialised for the white population.

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