Ethnography Is The Study Of People And Cultures Essay

Ethnography Is The Study Of People And Cultures Essay

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Ethnography is the study of people and cultures. Each family can trace its roots back throughout the years with the help of family trees, artifacts, and history books. There is also a new website that has been available for use called, it allows you to put in your family tree and it tells you where your ancestry has been in the news, books, or other family members you might not have realized you had. There are tons of ways to find out about your family. It is a great way to learn who you really are and about your past.
My family consists of a short generation. My parents, Gina and Darrell, are divorced. I am the oldest and I have a younger brother, Kyle. My mom’s side of the family is the Cox family. My mom is the oldest of five. My grandpa, Gerald, and my grandma, Meilia, live in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Their children are Gina (my mom), Kevin, and Crystal and Heather, who are twins. My grandpa’s parents, Zenny and Joe Cox, have both passed away. My grandpa was an only child. My grandma’s parents, Grover and Lillie Mae Smith, have also passed away. My grandma is the middle child of seven. Their names are Agnes, David, Sylvia, Meilia (my grandma), Linda, Charlie, and Emma. My grandma does not talk to any of her siblings anymore after the death of her parents. My dad’s side of the family is the Holland family. My dad’s side of the family is very distant from us. My dad has an older sister named Pat. Pat is married to her husband Bruce. They have two children, Summer and Chelsea. Summer is married to David; they both have one child from previous marriages. David’s child is named Dylan and Summer’s child is named Makelia. We do not talk to my dad’s side of the family because of personal reasons. For the purpose of ...

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...s, especially if clients have a different belief than you. I know growing up in the south, I was taught that gay marriage was wrong and you have to be who you were born to be. I have also been taught that it is wrong to be interracial married. Now times have changed and these things are acceptable. As a social worker, I will meet with people who are different than me and believe different things than me. I can run into a gay person, or someone who is interracial married. Being a social worker, you have to be comfortable with other people; you cannot let them affect who you are. I might not believe in certain things, but it does not mean that I will not help them. I will put my cultural identity behind me and I will help my client. It might be hard to do, but I can go talk to my supervisor if I feel like the difference would interfere with how I would help my client.

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