Essay on Ethnocentrism And Its Effect On Society

Essay on Ethnocentrism And Its Effect On Society

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Growing up in an American society, we are surrounded by certain customs and mannerisms. We pay little attention to them, as they have been ingrained into our society and is apart of our everyday lives. It is when a new culture or society gets thrown into the mix that we notice the different customs. Our first reaction is to think their way is wrong or weird, but when you take a step back you realize that it’s not weird at all, in fact it is as natural as breathing. They are from a different country, therefore they have different customs and way of living. To them, our ways are just as strange.
This concept is called Ethnocentrism. To define it, it is quite simply when one overlooks different cultures and compares them to their own culture. Most of the time their is going to be a lack of understanding on both sides of the party. We have a hard time grasping the concept that our way may not necessarily be right. In class we discussed different types of cultures and most of them left me shocked. For instance, I was surprised to learn that native americans did not have a accepting nature when it came to twins. In fact they would go so far as to kill one of them.
I found this to be very disturbing when we were told. I couldn’t understand how somebody could kill their own child. But after looking at it, native americans had a completely different way of living. For them that was normal and part of their ways.
Just like we think other countries ways are strange, they think the same thing about us and some of the things we do. For example One thing that we discussed in class is pour money system. If you come to the United States and have a lack of knowledge on how our money system is ran, you will be very lost. Take for example a dime. ...

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...hnocentrism because the use of the tools the primates use are lessons and experience that are not only natural to the primates but they pick up by observing their parents and the primates around them. The sense of grief is taught. While growing up deaths unfortunately happens, and although you may not understand why somebody is crying, you catch on to the fact that you are supposed to be sad and grieve when somebody passes away.
The world is full of interesting people and culture and diversity. We may question it sometimes but it is what makes the world go round.All and all ethnocentrism is a very interesting topic. It makes you step back and wonder about the surrounding cultures and may even make you question your own way. I know personally for me it has opened my eyes to a whole new world and has made me aware of the surrounding people in it.

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