Ethnic Studies Should Be Implemented Into Schools Essay

Ethnic Studies Should Be Implemented Into Schools Essay

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Pro Ethnic Studies
The subject that I was interested in my schooling the most was my ethnic studies course. Whether ethnic studies should be implemented into schools or not has been widely debated. I 'm in favor of having ethnic studies in all schools. Ethnic studies courses being put into school systems will be very beneficial in regards to the student, and will promote unity amongst students.
Success rates of students will increase with the implementation of ethnic studies courses in schools. In the movie precious knowledge, the dropout rate for students was 50%. When their ethnic studies course was added the gradation rate of the students enrolled was 93%. In these ethnic studies classes the method of teaching isn 't the normal banking method, they use a problem posing pedagogy which is stimulating and aids in all aspects of learning (Freire). When a student learns with the problem posing method, it will start to broaden their capacity to take in and make use of information. Student’s critical thinking skills will increase and this will better prepare them for the college level w...

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