Ethnic Mexicans in the 20th Century Essays

Ethnic Mexicans in the 20th Century Essays

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Given the social struggle of ethnic Mexicans in the United States, the 20th century turned to be pivotal in the social movements that would not only create opportunities but mobilize the ethnic Mexicans to push forward and make sure their voices where heard all throughout the century. They have used these means to incorporate into everyday life in the United States. Despite this they have struggled to achieve what in politics of the United States considers to be a ‘full citizenship’. Even though the US has dehumanized, criminalized, and subjugated ethnic-Mexicans, Social and Cultural Citizenships have changed the way of understanding politics of ethnic-Mexicans social movements because ethnic-Mexicans have countered all levels of government to achieve a form of belonging in the United States and have heavily contributed to the United States despite being discriminated.
Social Citizenship is defined by “T.H. Marshall conceptualized as evolving from a combination of civil, political, and social elements in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries” (Del Castillo, 95). The three keys to social citizen as defined above are civil, political and social. All these keys as fundamentals for immigrants to live in the United States while having freedoms such as, speech, religion and fundamental civil right liberties. The other two comprise of political and social, the political is the right the full right for immigrants to participate or exercise political power and finally the third is the social component that ensures that immigrants are given rights entitled to American citizens. Social citizenship is crucial in understanding because it gives the ethnic-migrants a sense of belonging in the community. These ethnic-Mexicans ar...

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...becoming U.S. Citizens, something that they have been doing with other

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