Essay about Ethnic Elder Interview : Interview

Essay about Ethnic Elder Interview : Interview

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Mr. M.P. is a 76 year old Caucasian male, widowed, and lived independently in his own home. Mr. MP stated that he finished a two-year Associate Degree and that his past occupation was in building trades or carpentry. Golfing, watching movies, volunteering, and gardening were some of his leisure time activities. I interviewed Mr. MP at a parking lot at a Safeway Supermarket in Lodi, CA. as I was helping him find his parked car.
According to Mr. MP, he’s doing pretty well health status wise, and he mentioned that he uses a cane occasionally due to osteoporosis. Additionally, he also mentioned that he has a high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but well controlled with medication. Mr. MP also reported that at his age, his teeth were intact and he was so proud of it.
Furthermore, Mr. MP’s daily exercise included walking with a golf club and range of motion (stretching) exercises every morning. He routinely visits his doctor and take his medications as prescribed. He does not observe any other cultural healthcare practices other than being active and walking daily. Additionally, Mr. MP also stated that he modified his diet due to his chronic health conditions and that he is on a low carbohydrate, less fat, more vegetables diet. He also mentioned that he likes meat and eggs.
On the other hand, Mr. MP stated that he sometimes forget where he puts things like his keys, eye glasses, and wallet. He also mentioned that there was a time when he
even put his medications in the refrigerator. He said that this was the part of getting that he does not like the most.
Mr. MP is oriented to name, time, place, and thing. He displayed good self-esteem, was well-groomed, and reported that he’s aging gracef...

... middle of paper ...

... his prescribed medications in a timely manner and routinely goes to see his doctor. Just as it is stated in the textbook, “successful psychological aging is reflected in the ability of older people to adapt to physical, social, and emotional losses and to achieve life satisfaction. Because changes in life patterns are inevitable over a lifetime, older people need resiliency and coping skills when confronting stresses and change. A positive self-image enhances risk taking and participation in new, untested roles ( Brunner, p. 191)”.
In conclusion, Mr. MP embraces the fact the as he age, changes in physical, mental, psychosocial and other age-related changes are inevitable, but staying active and keeping his health on track with his physician helps him maintain his functional level. Mr. MP embraces aging in a positive way, functions well, and enjoys his independence.

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