Ethiopia Real Estate And Property Management Essay

Ethiopia Real Estate And Property Management Essay

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Description of Company
Ethiopia Real estate and property management LLC is an international real estate company, which is a culmination of the real estate companies in Ethiopia, Master or Regional RE/MAX franchises and partnership. Ethiopia Real estate and Property Management LLC formed by four dynamic visionaries who have about 80 years of experience with different fields such as: business management, Information technology, Law, and Real estate. The main objective of these visionaries’ are to fill the gap of the shortcoming in real estate sales technique as a whole in Ethiopia and to create the new way of doing real estate in one of the most vibrant developing country in The world.

Ethiopia Real estate and Property management LLC is an international real estate company which acquires, develops and manages all of its efforts toward changing how real estate has been doing in Ethiopia. Our vision is to develop a premium quality RE/MAX real estate franchise system, providing sustainable value to end users and community. Ethiopia real estate and property Management LLC, understands and anticipates satisfying the customer’s needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner both as a company and as individuals. We intend to be recognized and respected as a Leader of Innovation and Sustainability in the region.
Our mission is to create partnerships with the stake holders and provide leadership that result in successful business ventures, thriving residential communities, prosperous commercial properties, and enriching work environments. We strive to create long-term sustainable value for our community and investors through strategic asset growth, increased profitability and the capture of value a...

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...icient infant market, like what is prevalent in our country the sector has much gap to be filled.
There are a huge gap between demand and supply of houses in Addis Ababa, the capital city. A vibrant real estate sector is crucial to economic development. Similarly, scarcities of finance, and lack of transparent and cost-effective hospitable real estate transaction environment in the country, make the current market condition complicated for foreign direct investment as well as local projects. At present, real estate lending and real estate transactions in Ethiopia are severely constrained by a number of factors, including a large concentration of unregistered properties, delays and other problems in enforcement of legal contracts; urban development activities stalled by an overly-layered administrative framework and the lack of resolution of the restitution issue.

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