Ethiopia: Founding Fathers Essay

Ethiopia: Founding Fathers Essay

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When a country forms, it is a very confusing and an important transition time for the nation because it is establishing its identity and the government needs to create a foundation of laws and guidelines. They will do this to make sure they have rules set for citizens that are reasonable, and the government needs to follow these laws and make sure that the government can work with the laws, but not control too much power. These ideas and guidelines are set up in a country's constitution. They begin to describe the guidelines in the preamble, which when read begins to depict what is in the constitution. In most countries that are strong and developed, the preamble is very present in their lives because the money that most people have is an easier life than an impoverished life. However, in developing nations the story is very different because the leaders have much more power over a poverty ridden nation, in which citizens live a poor lifestyle and a safe lifestyle is hard to achieve. The preamble that was written by the US was a great example that the preamble being evident in real life because the average person has a good life and the principles can easily be applied. However, Ethiopia is a whole different nation. They have written equal and fair goals so that each citizen can have in their nation. However, due the widespread poverty in the nation the principles are not applied in the lives of some citizens.
When the founding fathers got together to discuss the principles the new nation was going to have it was that everyone in the nation will have an equal opportunity. The idea for a more perfect union made the most sense to them. The idea that the nation will be stronger if the people were able to p...

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