Ethics Will Have Various Effects On My Personal And Professional Life Essay

Ethics Will Have Various Effects On My Personal And Professional Life Essay

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Ethics will have various effects on my personal and professional life. There are many different theories and principles that can be easily applied to my life. Four examples of these theories would be utilitarianism, virtue, deontology, and the golden rule. These theories will have differing sizes of impact in my life. Some may be harder to incorporate into my personal life compared to my professional life, others may only slightly change how I currently act in any given situation.
Utilitarianism is a good example of an ethical theory that could be applied to my professional and personal life. Utilitarianism is the theory that a person should maximize the happiness and minimize the unhappiness for as many people as possible. This theory believes that doing something that leads to happiness is morally right, and doing something that would lead to unhappiness is morally wrong. This theory is based on the concept “the ends justify the means.” For example, in my personal life, if I were to take a trip to see my grandparents, they would feel happy. According to utilitarianism, taking this trip to see my grandparents would be morally right, and not taking the trip to see them would be morally wrong. In my professional life, if my manager asks me to finish a project and I choose to do another task, this would make my manager unhappy. In this situation, I would be acting morally wrong if I did not finish the project my manager had assigned, and would be acting morally right if I completed the project I was originally given by my manager.
Another good example of an ethical theory that can be applied in both my personal and professional life is the virtue ethical theory. The virtue ethical theory judges people based on their character, inst...

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...ld be fairly easy to implement this rule. I want to feel like the people I work with not only listen to me, but respect me as well. I will try to be more aware and listen to not only my bosses, but my co-workers as well. The same goes for respect. I should not expect to be respected by my co-workers if I am unable to show them the respect that I feel I deserve.
What I have learned from ethics will play a significant factor in my life, whether it be personally or professionally. Utilitarianism, virtue, deontological theory, and the golden rule will all be used in my day to day life. The impacts of these theories differ depending on the situation. The use of some of these theories may be harder to implement in one aspect of my life versus the other. In some parts of my life, the impact may be barely noticeable, however, I will still try to apply these theories.

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