Essay on Ethics Report: Invasion of Privacy

Essay on Ethics Report: Invasion of Privacy

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This report consists of two major issues IRCL is currently facing, ethics and sustainability. With regards to both issues, explanations and solutions are discussed in depth as to how the company should proceed moving forward.

I – Ethics Report


Mason (1986) observed that two forces threaten our privacy: unprecedented advancement in information technology and its superior ability to capture, compute and communicate information & the value of information to the people who can use it for their own benefit. Jenny’s unprofessional conduct of hacking into sensitive and confidential information on the ERP system that not only will contain competitive business strategies, secret experimental formula and customers’ details is an invasion of privacy.

Mason (1986) suggested that with the growing collection of data, dependence on the accuracy of information is heavily relied upon. For information that is used by medical researchers, agriculture research, weather predictions, inaccuracies of information could cause devastating effects. As in Jenny’s case, secretly stealing the secret formula for a new cosmetic product that she has no knowledge or experience about could be hazardous to consumers if the product goes on the market. The secret experimental formula that has the potential to revolutionize acne and skin care treatment might not be finalized or stable enough for human usage. Her action of selling the formula to a competitor organization could jeopardize Bonson & Bonson’s business and reputation, legal lawsuit being the worst-case scenario. If the product does not prove popular to consumers, and Bonson & Bonson’s suffered financial losses; who is then to be held accountable; could Bonson & Bonson’s sue IRCL...

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