Essay on Ethics Reflection

Essay on Ethics Reflection

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An example of a previous work experience where I had to exhibit fairness was while coaching a senior high girl’s soccer team for The Study School in Montreal, Quebec. I was put into a position where the most talented and high scoring player on the team missed a practice before a playoff game. Team rules were agreed upon and a commitment contract was signed by every player at the beginning of the season. One of these commitment rules was that all players were expected to attend all practices unless a valid excused absence and signed note was presented otherwise the player would be benched for the next game. Excused absences were considered medical appointments or academic meetings. These team rules were in place to ensure commitment and fairness amongst the players. As well, it was an expectation that all players who attended practice, no matter their skill level, were given the opportunity to play.

My action, after the player missed practice, was finding out her reasons and whether it was an excused absence. After determining that her lack of presence was for frivolous reasons, I implemented the agreed upon discipline and the player was required to attend the playoff game but would sit the bench for its entirety. Despite the fact that the benching this particular player would impact our chances of progressing past the playoff game, it was more important to maintain consistency and equitable treatment of all players. The outcome of this decision resulted in our team losing the playoff game, however, the player learned a valuable lesson of commitment and fairness and that even though she was talented, she was not exempt from the rules to which everyone else had to adhere. As well, the team learned that the commitment ...

... middle of paper ... difficult to endure when attempting to bring the car in for servicing. Even though it took a year to come to completion and it probably would have been easier to drop the case, it was more important that the dealership correct their unethical behaviour and take responsibility for their actions, and that future consumers did not endure the unfortunate experience that I had. After my persistence, we recently were able to meet with the owner of the franchise in an attempt to resolve our issues. Upon explaining the events that unfolded previously, we were able to reach a mediated result. A conclusion was ultimately attained where both parties parted with a mutual understanding and both sides were better for it. This experience has taught me that even if it is a daunting and difficult task, it is ultimately better to follow the guidelines of appropriate ethics.

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