Ethics Plan For Acme County Office Of Schools Essay

Ethics Plan For Acme County Office Of Schools Essay

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Ethics Plan for Acme County Office of Schools
Acme County Office of Schools is the fourth largest county office in the state of California. It services 50 school districts and approximately 250,000 students in the Acme County through academic programs, career and technical education and the arts. They are mandated by the government to safeguard those school districts to remain accountable and compliant with the state and federal laws. Their overall purpose is to provide the students of the Acme County with the services that would allow every child, no matter their circumstances and abilities access to quality education in order to succeed.
The Business Purpose
The Acme County Office of Schools (ACOS) primary roles is supporting the programs and departments that are housed under the supervision of ACOS. With more than 1000 employees they are responsible as the gatekeepers of the business ethic programs to help school districts, and their employees by establishing an ethical culture and eliminating the opportunity for unethical conduct. By providing the programs, support, oversight and training will create an ethical culture that will be apparent by their ethical awareness in their decisions, interaction with each other as well the communities they services.
Statement of Core Values
The goal of the core values of a business is to provide a practical and objective framework for the employees to perform in an ethical manner for the business. (Anderson, 2011) Acme County Office of Schools core values are professionalism, education, fairness, social responsibility, servant leadership and trust. The core values are the catalyst that supports ACOS in the mission of ensuring the success of the students of Acme County. Each of the core...

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... business. It also can influence the reputation and perception of the organization, therefore sustaining social consciences in the employees is imperative.
Servant Leadership
Servant leadership is the ethical behavior that guides decision making because a servant leader is a servant first. Their responsibility is to serve the student of Acme County by the involvement and participation in the student life through the services and programs. As a core value servant leadership is the most personal because it serves as a guide for ethical behavior.
Trust is the most fundamental and necessary of all the core values because it focuses on honesty in our communication, reliability in keeping our promises and commitments and integrity to maintain a standard of excellence in all practices. All which are essential to the entire function and purpose of the organization.

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