The Ethics Of The Sports Council Mandate Genome Editing Essay

The Ethics Of The Sports Council Mandate Genome Editing Essay

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With human germline editing also emerges another significant ethical issue of eugenics. With use of CRISPR /Cas9 intervention many phenotypic characteristics that has a genetic component, apart from environment could be altered. For example, the technique could be used to enhance performance of athletes or alter colour of the eye. Generally, gene therapy looks to improve the health of a patient for his/her own benefit, but it may happen in the future that the sports council mandate genome editing of genes related to athletes and enhancing their skills (Rodriguez,2016). The ethical debate stems from the fact that since the intervention is done during development and it is questionable that who gets to decide (Gebelhoff, 2016 ; Cyranoski, 2015). Further, there will be a problem if some populations or individually may be enhanced genetically. These enhanced people will have advantage over others creating an unequal society (Roderiguez,2016; Cyranoski, 2015). However, the larger discussion needs to address whether these gene editing interventions on human lives will lead to reemergence of eugenics. Eugenics, is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with desired traits (positive eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or undesired traits (negative eugenics) (Rodriguez,2016). With gene editing technology scientists are confident that someday they can eliminate genetic disorders in humans. For claims like this there are dozens of daunting ethical questions - Wouldn’t editing out inheritable traits from the human population simply amount to eugenics? Could there be unanticipate...

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...s a disease, we will begin to lose the genetic diversity of humanity, which has enabled the valuable and eccentric contributions of the differently abled to society (Wesley, 2016). Some familiar names of people thought to have had some form of defect (example autism) include Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Thomas Jefferson, Isaac Newton, and Michelangelo. Disability is a social construct and so is eugenics that stigmatizes those who differ from general populace (Weintraub, 2015). We should not be picking and choosing the aspects of a person that we deem to be valuable. We should accept the entire person for who they are, without trying to make them more like ourselves. This is not to say that we should shy away from CRISPR genetic editing altogether, but rather that we should be very careful about situations in which we choose to employ it.

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