The Ethics Of The Family Essay

The Ethics Of The Family Essay

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The family is one of the strongest institutions of which Sociologists analyse, it contributes to the up-brining and development of Morals and Ethics. The main ideas of the family have been adapted either as a response or agreement to the Structural Functionalists who believe that the only ‘functional’ family type is the ‘Normative Nuclear Family’.

Whilst ‘doing family’ I have experienced various different family ‘types’. In 18years, I have experienced the Nuclear Family, the Extended Family, and I’ve been part of a mixed family. Mu family has developed an Extended Family Network and I have experienced separation from my father My Sociological Autobiography focused on the way conceptual ideas such as the Normative Nuclear Family (and its functionality) and things such as the extended Family Network interact with me personally. I will talk about Family using my Sociological Imagination.

Families are found in various different cultures and societies. Schaefer (2009) defines family as “A set of people related by blood, marriage, adoption, or some other agreed upon relationship, who share the primary responsibility for reproductions, and caring for members of society.” The Family serves different functions in society, even though the family itself remains the same when operating under alternating perspectives. Personally, my family has covered various different types and my experiences with the various different types of family have helped me to understand the intricate natures of it. When my father left my mother, brother, and I, my family became a single parent family, this helped me to understand the way that family operates in many different ways.

Speaking in a general sense, the Functionalist Perspective focus’ on the operati...

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... types, for example, Nancy Holmstrom (1984) said, “Only a small minority of Americans (11%) live in the traditional nuclear family of breadwinning father, homemaker mother…” I and other Sociologists have disproved the validity of the Nuclear Family (dismissing its key aspects) being the only functional family type through my personal experiences and other sociologists’ experiences/studies. Georg Simmel (1998) argued that the family developed from the relations of mother and child. I agree with this statement as the idea of the nuclear family highly removes the father 's patriarchal figure from the immediate family. I believe that being part of multiple family types and interactions outside the ‘immediate family’ help construct perspectives of children and help with the development of their ability to use the Sociological Imagination in terms of themselves and others.

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