The Ethics Of The Family Medical Leave Act Essay example

The Ethics Of The Family Medical Leave Act Essay example

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Leadership and Ethics
In an organization, a code of ethics is a set of principles that guide the organization in its programs, policies and decisions for the business. Ethics are the principles and values an individual uses to govern his/her activities and decisions. This assignment will identify the challenges of political responsiveness for management that administers the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); ethical concerns management need to address, and the impact in which organizational structure has on organizational ethics. A self evaluation of my Public Management Skills and the level of development I have as it concerns each, as well as, activities that could help to improve these skills. Based on the results of the self evaluation, recommendations will be presented to create a win-win situation for the organization, the employees and the public. A prediction of obstacles and plans to overcome obstacles is also acknowledged in this assignment.
Ethical Concerns for Management
Administrative responsibility is one of the most difficult issues in the field of public administration. “As a public manager you may often confront the potentially conflicting demands of operating as efficiently as possible while, at the same time, being fully responsive to administrative superiors, legislature, citizens, and to the principles of democratic governance generally” (Denhardt, Denhardt, & Blanc, 2014). FMLA compliance remains a continuing concern among employees, as noted in a July Littler survey report. The top two leave-related challenges identified for employers were FMLA and intermittent leave. Part of what makes FMLA difficult to apply is that each request requires a case-by-case analysis. “Employees are presenting with conditions that...

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...r the citizens and business can trust their cases are handled in a consistent, fair and impartial way. As one of the challenges political responsiveness could have on the management that administers the policy for FMLA, politicians may have a strong preference for solutions that integrate the administration in the executive hierarchy.
“More contemporary perspectives on leadership embrace the idea that leadership is not just the responsibility of those in the executive suite, but can and should be exercised throughout an organization. Leadership…will become an increasingly intricate process of multilateral brokerage, including constituencies both within and without the organization. More and more decisions will be public decisions; that is, the people they affect will insist on being heard” (Bennis, 1983, p. 16) as cited in (Denhardt, Denhardt, & Blanc, 2014, p. 325)

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