The Ethics Of The Business Owner Essay

The Ethics Of The Business Owner Essay

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An up and coming business owner is doing their absolute best to grow their business, according to the religious standards they were brought up in. Then, one day a potential client is denied, as this client would be making the business owner support beliefs that go against his religion. In the end, the business owner receives unnecessary harsh feedback and is sued by that client. This is a case that comes to fruition far too often with religious businesses and homosexual people. In numerous cases, homosexual people that are denied service, attack and sue businesses and churches that having opposing beliefs on same-sex marriage or same-sex couples. There have not been any attempts to rectify the wrongs done to these religious believers. Instead, these stories are brushed under the rug as if they never happened and nobody hears about religious beliefs being oppressed by those claiming to be the ones being oppressed.
It is vital to address and correct these oppressive actions being allowed to take place. There is no reason that people of religion should be oppressed for their beliefs and forced to accept those things that they do not believe. Same-sex marriages being legal and forcing people to alter their beliefs to accept same-sex marriage are two different things. It is okay for people to have different beliefs and ideas. After all, that is a large reason for why the United States was started and broke away from the rule of England. Differing ideas are what helped form our nation so why should we oppress the differing religious ideas that some people have. The religious freedom and fear of being oppressed religiously is something that has become more relevant because of the fear of getting sued or attacked for what they believe.

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... be allowed to sue those who disagree and deny them, within their rights, and still win those cases.
In conclusion, there ought to be a law to protect those who have religious views that oppose same-sex marriage or homosexuality as everybody has the right to have their own beliefs and viewpoints and that right should be respected. There are biological and legal facts that support the case to at least propose this law. Even counterarguments are, at best, mediocre because all people deserve a voice and an opinion of their own and that ought to never be oppressed. Same-sex marriage is legal and so is religious freedom, so why should either of those deal with oppression or discrimination because of the other? Learning to accept and respect somebody’s religion or views, even if personal views oppose it, is a massive step toward improving a nation of people in tough times.

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