Ethics Of The Auxiliary And The Hospital Essay

Ethics Of The Auxiliary And The Hospital Essay

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Ethics is defined as relating to what is good or bad or the moral principles of right and wrong. This includes having the character to perform your moral duties and obligations even when the outcomes could incur consequences. Ethics provides a way for people to grow, develop, and survive by considering the welfare of society, others, and themselves.
This also includes business ethics, which requires being fully aware of our actions and how consequences or complications affect the community, the auxiliary, fellow volunteers, and yourself.
As an auxiliary volunteer, the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center requires you to comply with the:
• Rules of the Auxiliary and the Hospital
• Expectations of the community
• The princicples of morality
• The policies of the organization
• General conerns for the needs of others and fairness
Please understand, the Auxiliary is not asking you to be perfect or to become a drone. However, we are asking that you fully understand, that the quality of the products and services of an organization, as well as the actions of its members can affect its employees, the community, and society as a whole.
The UM Charles Regional Medical Center has a responsibility to the patients, employess, and the community. That responsibility is to conduct its business and patient care with consistent ethical framework as its mission, vision, strategic planning, and related policies defines it. This includes but is not limited to the:
• Patient rights and responsibilities
• Employee relations
• Billing marketing practices
• Practices in admission, transfer, and dishcharge
• Conflct avoidance of contractual relationship interest
• Integrity clinical decision-making
As a volunteer and member of the...

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...access UM Charles Regional Medical Center services.
• UM Charles Regional Medical Center environment should be free of clutter, confusing signs and messages.
• UM Charles Regional Medical Center environment shuld be conductive to continuous learning.
Complaint System (RI-010)
The purpose of the complaint system is to provide a mechanism to address any concerns made by a patient, their family, visitors, staff members, or employees.
This system investigates, addresses, and brings the problem to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer; who will respond as soon as possible. All complaints will be treated with dignity, courtesy, confidentiality, and privately.
Any verbal or written concerns and complaints are addressed by supervisory and administrative personnel on an on-going basis; seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and are investigated in a timely manner

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