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The Ethics of Stem Cells Essay examples

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David Vetter, was born with a disease known as severe combined immune deficiency syndrome. His body did not have the ability to resist any germ or sickness. Most children do not survive form the minute they are born. David was isolated in a bubble literally. He lived in a plastic bubble with a room for a bed, toys, playroom and eating facilities. On the sides of the bubble were thick rubber gloves so his parents to reach him, never any skin to skin contact. He was never able to experience the affection from his parent that other children got to experience. He lived in a world of his own inside his bubble. He later got sick and past on when he was only twelve years old. Embryonic stem cell could have helped save him, they could have created pancreatic cells to help him defend himself against illness like normal humans. Embryonic cells are not looked greatly upon because they are thought to killing human embryos but they possibly could have saved young David’s life. The government should help fund embryonic stem cell research with donated embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics people could try and cure immune system diseases and many more, so the government could act in the society’s best interest.
Embryos used in embryonic stem cell research are never obtained from aborted fetuses. They are obtained from left over embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics. To get embryonic stem cells first and egg are harvested and fertilized with sperm in a glass petri dish. When the cell is fertilized it goes through three early stages of development cellular, tissue and organ development. During cellular development the cells divide but the cell does not grow at all. The ball of cells is called the morula. Next, ...

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... stand as a crucial link to the scientific puzzle that may mitigate the pain and suffering of more than 100 million Americans and provide new therapies and other scientific opportunities for countless diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, heart disease, spinal cord injury and cancer’”(Allman 103).

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