Ethics Of Qualitative Research On Aboriginal Youth Essay

Ethics Of Qualitative Research On Aboriginal Youth Essay

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Ethics of Qualitative Research
Ethical consideration in qualitative research will be based on similar principles as in the quantitative approach in conducting research on Aboriginal youth. Permission and guidance from MHCC, NARAC and gate-keepers will be examined (Government of Canada, 2015).
The use of risk assessments before engaging in the qualitative research process may help guide methods used in data collection (Dickson-Swift et al., n.d.). Typically, risk assessment is used to analyze the problems that may arise to participants; however, the risk assessment may also be applied to the researcher conducting interviews (Dickson-Swift et al., n.d.). Sensitive topics (self-harm) may cause ethical and emotional dilemmas for both participants and researcher. Dickson-Swift et al. (n.d.) suggest education, training, and observation by supervisors of researchers to minimize risks.
Interestingly, Karnieli-Miller, Strier, & Pessach, (2009) discuss the five stages of power relations in the research process, from the beginning to the years after the data has been collected. Specifically, ownership of the data collected and any unexpected information that may be discovered are issues that may arise. The right to information access is an ethical consideration (Gilchrist, 1997).
The process of debriefing after the focus groups and semi-structured interviews with participants and researchers should be considered as part of the ethical framework for conducting the research study (Government of Canada, 2015).
Strengths and Weaknesses of Research Approaches
A reflection of the strengths and weakness of the quantitative approach reveals that one methodology will limit the exploration of the full scope of self-harm in the Canadian Ab...

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...eting the data. The interpretive reading will involve the researcher to give meaning and inference to the data from their own or the Aboriginal youth’s perspectives (Mason, 2012).
To conclude, both quantitative and qualitative approaches will have strengths and limitations. The method a researcher chooses will depend on the ontological and epistemological positions. Furthermore, the experience and positionality of the researcher will play a role in deciding the approach most appropriate to obtain data about self-harm and prevention programs. Also, being transparent and reflexive in your positionality and epistemological assumptions will help others understand your point of view. Finally, the option of integrating methods can provide richer and robust data about self-harm and prevention programs to help alleviate such tragedy in the most vulnerable populations.

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