The Ethics Of Organizational Culture Essay

The Ethics Of Organizational Culture Essay

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Ethics in Organizational Culture

The organization that will be addressed provides mental health services for people transitioning from state hospital care into the community. The organization is designed to provide psychiatric and residential rehabilitation and or recovery services to adults with major mental disorders and need support to regain skills that were lost after years of institutional living.
The organization is faith based in nature and is guided by Christian principles, which believes is the reason for its successful business operation and reputation for employing people who are fair and ethical in their dealings with others.
According to Cooper (2012), codes of ethics are what provides the external controls for the organization. The beliefs, mission and vision are the guiding force for the employee’s professional behavior. Schein (1985) is an identified group (organization) having shared history and long standing tradition (Kurtz, 2003). Within a faith based organization the assumption is that the creation of policies and practice will be of the highest ethical standing.
Kurtz (2003) One way that decision making norms and mores are taught to new employees is through stories. Information is relayed via what has worked in the past and new staff believes this is how things are done. This is solidified when the older employees contribute to the legitimacy which reinforces perceptions of this as being the correct way to think and act.
While working with the adults in and intensive 24 hour residential setting, this can cause ethical dilemma in relation to providing proper care and proper documentation. If employees are not taught the correct way to interact with clients and how to diffuse potential dangerous s...

... middle of paper ...

...t doesn 't feel right I would not do it.
As a public administrator I would make sure that staff are given tools needed via policy, procedure, training, supervision, role play and consultation that will help them to make sound ethical decisions and make sure they know to contact someone prior to making a decision that could put them, the clients, the organization in harm’s way. I will also ensure that there is a reporting procedure for unanimous reporting of unethical issues.
According to Ethics Resource Center, (2003) a good Code of Ethics are geared around the organization value and provide guidelines for the employees to follow. It is the organizations responsibility to ensure the employees are knowledgeable and aware of ethical behavior, who are able to obtain advice and information about ethical behavior and who have the ability to report misconduct.

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