The Ethics Of Information And Browser History Essay

The Ethics Of Information And Browser History Essay

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All computer users are always trying to ensure the information and browser history to be secured and for their eyes only. Anyone can easily go into their Internet Explorer and click “clear all” and be done with it, but there are different and more effective ways to do so. Throughout this discussion we will be bring up industrial tools to clear browser history, manage cookies, manage data, encryption and secure file deletion. Talk about the different types of tools that are available and their reviews. We will also be discussing the purpose of the tools, and what claims are for the security of data and systems. Which tools is best used and their security concerns. And finally, the ethical implications of using these tools.
In the computer world, your browser history is in reference to the list of web pages that a user has visited on a web browser. Users can easily delete their web history by going to the settings of any browser and just easily “clear all” In doing so, it helps free up space on your browser and space. I don’t know who came up with the idea of calling these files “cookies” because usually, the mention of cookies sounds delicious. But web cookies are anything but delicious. They are files that are hidden in the computer that track browser sessions and saves information. Information such as names, passwords, contacts, etc. “Although cookies may seem harmless overall, they can threaten your privacy if an attacker tries to use them maliciously.” (King, n.d.)
Data encryptions are in place to ensure that malicious users will have a difficult time to access your device and web browser. “Encryption, the process of scrambling a message or other information so that it cannot be easily read, is one of the most critical parts...

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...story and wonder why there is no listing for sites, it is a healthy thing to use these tools to clean up your browser. “Cookies are not private; one website can easily read the cookies of another.” (Barett, n.d.) Because if you do not, the cookies and temporary files can corrupt other sections of your computer if left unchecked and it helps to free up space on the storage drive.
Cleaning up your web browser and computer every so often ensures that your information is safe from any malicious user. There are programs out there that can help you clean up your web browser history, cookies, cache, data encryption and permanent file deletion. It is someone that every user is highly encouraged to participate in depending on how often you surf the web. There are ethical stances to be taken into account, but it is all to ensure that information is safe and the user is safe.

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