Essay about The Ethics of Human Engineering

Essay about The Ethics of Human Engineering

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The debate over whether or not the use of genetic engineering in humans is ethical, has been a highly controversial topic for the past two decades. Genetic engineering can help scientists treat medical ailments, and has been able to save many lives. For example, scientists can test people for early stages of different types of cancer that, had the cancer not have been discovered until the later stages of development, could have potentially killed the patient (Krause 205). Genetic engineering can also be used to help parents with a genetic disease not pass on their deficient DNA to their children (Clapper 7). But, genetic engineering can also have some undesirable consequences. Not only could genetic engineering harm humans physically, but it could also change the way people view other humans. As scientists continue to learn and discover new things about genetic engineering and invent new technology, the boundary that separates ethical from non-ethical uses of genetic manipulation may become blurred. Genetic engineering is ethically wrong because it can cause harm to humans, can change the way parents view their children, and create a eugenic society. While the use of genetic engineering in humans can treat and cure some medical conditions, genetic engineering is a discipline that should remain unexplored.
Even though genetic engineering can help prevent and cure medical diseases, people must also take into account the possible repercussions that it can present. For example, when testing genetic engineering in plants, scientists are able to discard of all the defective plant samples, when doing so with a human being that has been genetically altered would be considered highly unethical (Clapper 8). Humans aren’t just simply lab...

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