Essay on The Ethics Of Gun Control

Essay on The Ethics Of Gun Control

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Gun control
From an ethical standpoint will the use of a gun be morally right or wrong? The answer will depend on what the gun is used against and its purpose for its use. I would think most people would agree that less shooting and gun violence is a good thing, also these people would agree that protecting yourself and feeling secure is surely a good thing. The problem of courses rises when trying to achieve these goals without conflicting ideas. The United States has over 89% of firearms for each 100 individuals, or around 270,000,000 weapons, which is the most noteworthy aggregate and per capita number on the planet. 22% of Americans own one or more weapons; that is 35% of men to 12% of ladies. Since 2013 the support of gun rights in America as increased, and the support for gun control laws haven’t made any significant strides. America is definitely very popular with their guns, a study was conducted in 2011, “showing that over 33,000 Americans were victims of gun related deaths; that’s over 268 people per day”. ( America 's pervasive firearm society stems to a limited extent from its pilgrim history, progressive roots, revolutionary period, and the Second Amendment, which expresses: "An all-around directed volunteer army, being important to the security of a Free State, the privilege of the general population to keep and carry weapons, should not be encroached." (www.Law.Cornell). People who Advocate more firearm control laws express that the Second Amendment was proposed for local armies not for the citizens; that the weapon viciousness should be eradicated, they include that firearm limitations have always existed; and that a lot of Americans, including firearm owners, support the gun control laws. Thei...

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...he buyer and seller. The law would require an extensive training period, and at least a one year probation period, it should also have preexisting gun owners to go through this process. The law proposed should also have owners who commit small crimes (depending on the tendency of violence) be required to turn in their weapons. Another way is to install a buyback program, where after owners are deceased, relatives are required to turn in their weapons for a good amount of money. This will be effective I believe for law abiding citizens to control the amount of unregistered weapons lying around. The fact is gun control is the real solution not eradication of guns. The reason is banning guns would only create an empire for black market, creating a much more violent environment. Gun safety should be more focused on safety and programs that would bring America together.

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