The Ethics of Genetic Engineering Essay

The Ethics of Genetic Engineering Essay

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The Problem
Genetic engineering has been around since the 1960’s although major experiments have not been really noticed until the 1990’s. The science comes in different forms the two major being cloning and genetic reconstruction. Cloning is the duplicating of one organism and making an exact copy. For example in 1996 the creation of the clone sheep named Dolly the first mammal to be cloned which was a great achievement. The other form, genetic reconstruction, is used to replace genes within humans to help or enhance the life of an unborn child for a medical reason or just for the preference of a parent.
Before being used on humans it was used on crops to enhance the livestock to increase taste size and many other desirable traits in food to make them more enticing to consumers and to make them easier to grow in certain weather conditions and also to withstand pesticides needed to safeguard the crops. There is not any proof of the long term effects of genetic engineering. People have been worried about the effects of eating genetically engineered crops on their health and because of the concern the Organic Trade Association doesn’t allow genetically altered.
It is an idea that has not been taken very seriously over the past decades and was only seen as a wildly imaginative miracle out of reach of scientists past. Now that idea has become a very real process that seems like a dream come true to the many who see it as a miracle cure, but a nightmare to those who see it as spitting on the work of God and telling him he is now obsolete in the child bearing portion of the human life.
The Benefits
The reconstruction of DNA has brought many cures against genetic diseases that before were undetectable. Although it is not a treatme...

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... new ways to treat other diseases like the cancer genes that soon could very well be stopped before they even start. The changes it could bring are amazing there is really no reason to stop learning more about helping to heal the human body.

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