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The novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley is a work of fiction that breaks the ethics of science. Ethics is defined as rules of conduct or moral principles which are ignored in the story. The story is about a person named Victor Frankenstein who creates an artificial being. Victor abandons the being out of fear and the being is left to discover the outside world on his own and be rejected by people making the monster go on a violent rampage. Victor’s decision would affect him later on by the monster killing his loved ones causing Victor to suffer. Then Victor chooses to seek revenge on the monster and this choice will bring him to his death. In novel Frankenstein one might say that the main character, Victor, breaks the ethics of science when he plays God by creating his own being.
It is said that God creates people and makes them how he chooses to by giving people their very own physical appearances which are unique to that individual. This is similar to what Victor does in his procedures to create his monster. Victor goes to charnel houses and slaughter houses to collect the materials he requires to make the creature. During the process of designing the structure of the monster Victor chooses how the monster will appear. However, when creating the monster there is something Victor does not have control over. According to Victor, “As the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed, I resolved, contrary to my first intention, to make the being of a gigantic stature; that is to say about, eight feet tall in height, and proportionably large.”(Shelley 32). From this quote Victor explains that he was forced to make the monster larger than an average man and in part that it was difficult to replicate the minute...

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...f science it is a risky business. Victor Frankenstein broke these ethics when his creation came to life and thought he could play God. Consequently, this backfired on him when he did take responsibility for his creation and it lead to deaths of his family and friends. As to what Mary Shelley has shown through her novel, Frankenstein, it is that ethics are not meant to be broken but followed in order to keep a balance between human knowledge and natural occurrences.

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