The Ethics of Eating Meat Essay

The Ethics of Eating Meat Essay

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Meat has been a staple food in the diet of mankind since the early ages of civilization. In the article “Is Any Meat Good to Eat?” by Sarah Boesveld, she interviews author Jonathan Safran to share his opinion on eating meat and factory farming. He believes that “...if [people] just ate according to the values they already have, then factory farming would disappear.” Whether or not people realize the sources from which meat in modern day society comes from, they cannot deny the fact that meat is delectable. Sadly, many people who are aware of where their meat comes from will argue that it is unethical to eat meat that is grown purely to satisfy the hunger of people. The ethics of eating meat should not be considered because of the extreme importance of meat in our diet.

People assume that eating factory farmed animals or wild animals are unethical, because humans are capable of thinking morally and making decisions based on that. One may argue that if animals can eat other animals, then it is acceptable for humans to eat other humans. This idea is not true. In nature, the animals ...

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