The Ethics of De-Extinction Essay

The Ethics of De-Extinction Essay

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De-extinction is a process that has been experimented with for many years, but has never been completely successful. The ethics and consequences of this idea have been questioned but, de-extinction has the potential to be truly helpful to humans and the environment, and many of the scenarios that people think could happen, are actually impossible. To actually revive a species, there are certain conditions that must be met, and the terrible situations that people think could happen, are unable to actually occur because of the lack of . Bringing species back that are beneficial to the environment could preserve biodiversity, restore diminished ecosystems, advance the science of preventing extinctions, and undo the harm that people have caused in the past. The true potential of the revival of species cannot be realized because people overdramatize the effects and possible outcomes. Once we realize and understand how beneficial the process of de-extinction can be we can better improve our world, our lives, and our ecosystems.

The process of reviving an extinct species is not overly complicated, but it does require a few elements that may be hard to obtain from a species. In order to actually to be eligible for revival a species must have only gone extinct in the last 800,000 years ( If a species went extinct before that, the environment that it lived in is gone and throwing the organism into this time period’s environment could have disastrous consequences. Enough DNA to sequence the organism must also be present, this assures that we know exactly what makes up the organism and allows us to have the complete “instructions” for the organism before the process starts. Also, an organism must have a close e...

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...cies. This whole idea can give us a chance we’ve never had before. We can undo our mistakes from the past, we can bring back amazing species that once roamed the earth. Can you imagine a wooly mammoth, or tasmanian tigers once again able to walk next to man? With this process all of that is possible as long as we keep trying to restore what has been lost.

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