The Ethics Of Computer Ethics

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Q. Define computer ethics? A. Ethics is the collection of moral principles that controls the actions of an individual or a group. And managing the use of computers can be done by computer ethics which is set of moral principles that controls the usage of computers. Here in computer ethics we can find some common issues which contains privacy concerns, copyrighted electronic content and how the society is been affected by computers. Let us understand in brief about computer ethics by illustrating with an example that is approaching or entering into someone’s personal details or particulars though it may be attainable on a computer system but, according to computer ethics it would suggest that such an action is completely wrong. Q. Why is it important to have it defined? A. Yes, it is very important to have computer ethics defined because it contains all the rules and conditions regarding how we use our individual principles when we are using the computer for different causes or purposes. Here computer ethics advices us about the regulations and guidelines we would apply to not use fraudulently any kind of information which is not yours to utilize it, or to approach or access any kind of information that is not possessed by you. Computer ethics is said to be very important to have it defined because of some common issues which took place like hacking, password thefts, and cybercrimes. Hence it has become very essential to know the importance of it to be defined so as to create a safer computer based background. Q. Are there established guidelines? A. Yes, there are established guidelines for computer ethics. Let us describe in brief about each guideline given below:  Never use a computer in ways which may cause harm to other peo... ... middle of paper ... ... their servers by hacking into the celebrities account and stole the content from the servers. So in this case the target was the celebrity pictures, this type of theft could have been similarly destroyed or damaged a business if there sensitive information has been shared or stolen. Hence from the above given information about Wiki Leaks and Apple iCloud Leak yes, they are violating the guidelines as it would be a striking reminder for us to think twice before we storing our data as there is no security for it. But in the case of Wiki Leaks it is somewhere appropriate because they wanted the public to know the facts and truths where they wanted to bring important information into picture so that they can see the evidence of truth. But apart from this they even leaked information which was very confidential and at that point of time they violated the guidelines.

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