The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence Essay

The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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“The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: An Examination of Thinking v. Simulating,” is broken down into three major sections. In section II, I present to the reader different definitions of intelligence and create a working definition for the essay. In section III, I give a brief history on the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the definition of artificial intelligence. After developing definitions of intelligence and artificial intelligence in section IV, I try to determine the difference (if there is one) between intelligence and artificial intelligence. It is in this section where I propose a different way to think about Turing’s new formed question in the imitation game. Instead of determining whether machines can simulate human intelligence, I try to determine the point in which “simulating” intelligence becomes “actual” intelligence. This section also addresses possible ethical implications of how we define artificial intelligence. Lastly, I conclude by summarizing main points made throughout the essay.
With these three sections in mind, I argue that how we define intelligence has strong ethical implications, and sheds light on human nature; whether we think so or not intelligence is intelligence, A.I. or not.
II. Defining Intelligence

As I have said in the introduction, there is no single definition of intelligence. What I have found is that the reason why there is no consensus on what is intelligence, and the reason why the definition of intelligence differs with each academic discipline is because there is no single factor that determines intelligence. Intelligence involves multiple factors and these factors are yet to be agreed on. So far, all that can be said about intelligence is that it is plural. For this ...

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... multiple intelligences is the perfect example of what I mean when I say intelligence differs in kind. In his theory of multiple intelligences Gardner lists nine types of intelligence which include verbal-linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial-visual intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, naturalist intelligence and existential intelligence ( Listing the different kind of intelligences leads me to my next section, Defining Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Before giving a brief history on the rise of artificial intelligence, and defining artificial intelligence, there is one question I would like you to ponder. If we accept theories that say that intelligence differs in kind, couldn’t artificial intelligence just be another kind of intelligence?

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