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The Ethics Of Animal Testing Essay example

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Animals have held an important spot in many of our lives. Some people look at animals as companions and others see them as a means of experimental research and medical advancement. With the interest to gain knowledge, physicians have dissected animals. The ethics of animal testing have always been questioned because humans do not want to think of animals on the same level as humans. Incapable of our thinking and unable to speak, animals do not deserve to be tested on by products and be conducted in experiments for our scientific improvement. Experimentation on animals is cruel, unfair, and does not have enough beneficial results to consider it essential.
Humans and animals have many characteristics in common. Animal skin and organs are similar to humans and tend to react to tests the same as a human would. The animals that are commonly used in research are rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, dogs, cats, cows, fish, birds, and primates. Over one hundred million animals are used in experiments every year. Most of these animals are used in the expectation to improve the life of humans and the development in the world of medicine. The experiments performed on animals can result in many helpful drugs that scientists can test the safety of before giving to humans. The scientists and researchers can save many lives by developing new treatments like the prevention of cancer, diabetes, HIV, and other infections from performing tests on animals. Each year, over hundreds of thousands of animals are experimented on to test the effects and risks of products such as cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and other personal care items. Experiments are carried out in order to obtain knowledge and attempt to advance in science. Students in science classe...

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...cts or subjects that can feel no pain.
In the end, the moral position of animals is questioned, if they are on the level of people, property, or pets. Most would not put animals in the same category as humans. Humans are the dominant species and animals do not have our intellect or abilities, which is why we do not experiment on ourselves. Humans have too much value. Considering animals as our possessions is more realistic, but to put animals on the level of other lifeless things does not seem fair. To some, animals are pets with feelings, loving, and caring. They deserve the right to be cared for. No animal deserves to give their life innocently for science. Putting an animal under anesthesia does not take away the ethical injustice. Animals should be treated with dignity and respect. Humans should not have the right to take animals lives for their own selfish gain.

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