Essay on The Ethics Of Abortion Is Morally Justified Or Not?

Essay on The Ethics Of Abortion Is Morally Justified Or Not?

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The ethics of abortion is a topic that establishes arguments that attempt to argue if abortion is morally justified or not. Philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson wrote a pro- choice piece called “A Defense of Abortion.” In this paper, she presents various arguments that attempt to defend abortion by relating it to the woman carrying the fetus and her right in controlling her body. On the other side of the spectrum, philosopher Don Marquis wrote a pro- life paper called “Why Abortion Is Immoral.” Ultimately, Marquis argues that abortion is immoral with rare exceptions because it is resulting in the deprivation of the fetus’s valuable future. He supports his paper by creating the future-like-ours argument that compares the future of a fetus to the future of a human being. In the case of Mrs. Adams, she struggles to make ends meet even though her husband and she plans on having ab abortion because she believes bringing a child into the world is not the best option for her family. In the case Mrs. Adams’s unwanted pregnancy, I will use their arguments to see if her decision to have an abortion is morally justified. Through Thomson’s use of the violinist analogy and burglar and people-seeds analogy, I will show that Mrs. Adams’s abortion is morally justified because Mrs. Adams got pregnant despite the use of contraception; showing that the fetus’s right to life and its potential is not equal to the use of her body since she did not consent to the fetus’s use of her body.
In Thomson’s “A Defense on Abortion,” she presents her pro-choice argument which is mainly supported by analogies called the violinist analogy, burglar analogy and the people seeds analogy. Firstly, she begins her argument with speaking about whether or not a fetus is a p...

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...a major value in the future and depriving someone of this is ripping this valuable thing away from them. Killing removes the possibility of the big picture of a person’s life to be completed. Marquis brings in the idea of those who are terminally ill from various things like cancer, know that they’re dying and are sad because they know that they are losing their future. He equates the future of a fetus to a human being because just like human beings, a fetus has a possible future of experience and important moments in life. Fetuses are potentially human beings and this potential makes their future just as valuable, if not more. Fetuses are not able to grow into a person who has emotions, feelings, and future experiences. Ultimately, Marquis states that abortion is morally wrong because it is an act of killing which causes them to untimely lose their valuable future.

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