The Ethics Of Abortion And Abortion Essay

The Ethics Of Abortion And Abortion Essay

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Subject: Biomedical Ethics in Abortion
Abortion is such an emotive issue in the United States. It is such an emotive issue that it faces an equally divided opinion amongst the American population. The religious and the conservative groups are the largest opponents of abortion. The human rights groups and the large groups of the liberals are the largest supporters. That is because the issue of abortion splits this opinion. The largest of all the cases is the issue of the right of the mother who carries the pregnancy and the right to life of the child within her. That is where the bone of contention arises from the life of the mother is given importance over that of the child. The overriding factor implies that the need for the preservation of the mother 's wellbeing implies that the child’s life takes a further second priority. That is, therefore, the bone of contention. Abortion is a legal medical procedure in most of the states in the United States. This, therefore, is the reason for the damning figures that are as a result of this action.
A fact that is statistically supported shows that half of all the pregnancies among the American women are intended. Another fact continues to indicate that 21% of all the pregnancies end in abortion. That figure excludes the number of pregnancies that end in miscarriages. Most of the people acquiring these services are mostly teenagers. This activity is largely supported by the fact that the right to conduct an abortion is enshrined and defended by the constitution. That follows the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. This is where the Supreme Court ruled that the women in consultation with their physicians have a constitutionally protected right to terminate the pregnancy in its earliest of stages.

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...ade. My opinions are based on the opponent point of view.
Fetuses are human beings and have the right to live. Allowing doctors to consider on the side of the patients and conclude that mother interest of life is paramount is deliberately taking away the right of the fetus to live. Doctors should not be allowed at any point be allowed to take away life. The doctors are likely to misuse that right if given to them. The case of mass abortion will occur with every mother if feels uncomfortable with the fetus terminating it.
Abortion remains morally wrong and not action can justify it has right action. God is the sole giver of life and only one to take it. Abortion is killing an innocent baby, an act against the religion teaching. No medical ethics should allow doctors to take away life. The consciousness should be the driving factor to drive the medical ethics

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