The Ethics Of A Young Fire Control Technician Third Class Essay

The Ethics Of A Young Fire Control Technician Third Class Essay

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As a young Fire Control Technician Third Class, I served under then Fire Control Technician Chief Chuck Thompson. He stood like a massive oak tree, strong and proud, in every room he entered; his mere presence demanded respect. I knew I would follow this Chief to the ends of the earth and he would return me home each time. He ensured each technician under him knew his convictions and expectations of the team. The system we operated broke regularly and posed difficulties in repairing, but he ensured we all knew he trust in our ability to repair the system and gave us the room to do so to the point of allowing unorthodox repairs during emergency situations to get the cutter to our next port call and receive parts. Once we affixed the repairs, he always ensured we received credit for the amazing efforts we accomplished, but always made those efforts seem to be our norm, a typical day in the life of Fire Control. In his one-year tour, his mannerisms never changed. FTC Chuck Thompson embodied the five practices of exemplary leadership found in ref (a). I found these same leadership traits in my Leading Petty Officer (LPO) during that same tour. The deadline for requirements to take the Service Wide Exam (SWE) approached rapidly and I felt unprepared to compete. My LPO asked why I had not finished the requirements. I responded with me feeling unprepared to be a First Class Petty Officer. His response to me set the tone for the rest of my career, “stop doubting yourself, you are ready,” instantly building confidence; I advanced to First Class the following June. These two men stand tall among several of whose leadership I have proudly served under. I define leadership as the ability to confidently guide future leaders throu...

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...proval. I will then improve this behavior by more rapidly researching and gathering data to cater to my conscientious tendencies and make calculated risks to generate small wins and build experience and lessons learned. These valuable tools will then create strong, personal confidence for me in difficult, future risk taking situations. These victories translate into more bold decisions with risks attached.

My leadership philosophy: without disregard to the areas I need to improve, I will build on my strengths of treating all with utmost respect and dignity, empowering my team and unleashing their great potential by giving them the “what” needs completing and not “how” to perform the task itself and finally my ability to actively listen to diverse points of view and giving each its fair weight; all fostering a healthy environment for the growth of future leaders.

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